Mark Charsley (waistcoatmark) wrote,
Mark Charsley

It all went a bit wobbly there for a bit

So our Christmas plans took a bit of a hit with everything being more contagious and locked down than expected. Fortunately we had a turkey roast in the freezer in case of emergency. Then on Friday, Faye fell ill with a fever. And complained that things "tasted funny". She'd fully recovered by Sunday, but her symptoms ticked enough covid boxes that we ordered a testing kit. Not sure if you've tried shoving a small brush down a 7 year old's tonsils while avoiding their tongue: I advise avoiding the experience if possible. We utterly failed, so had to go to a testing center to get a grown up to do it.

Except that's not how it works. I had to shove a small brush down a 7 year old's tonsils while in a car, without another grown-up to help me. Two brush thingies later and we finally got there.

Then it was just a small matter of going into self isolation with an understocked larder and what we could get from the milkman and deliveroo. Fortunately we got the all clear today, and thus were able to hit Sainsburys for enough food to supply us with a somewhat more elaborate christmas feast.

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