Mark Charsley (waistcoatmark) wrote,
Mark Charsley

The last few years' work is finally coming together

Did have a long post detailing our travails over the last 3 years, but livejournal just ate it.

So tl;dr we've finally bought a house (in Horsham with lovely garden, good schools nearby) after selling our house in Epping (poor garden, awful secondary schools nearby) a few months ago. Need to replace bathroom and kitchen before we move in, so we're still going to be in the flat we've been renting for the last year (due to primary-school related reasons) until at least Christmas.

Sorry for being rubbish and not seeing virtually any of you for almost 3 years, but various combinations of
a) baby/toddler/almost pre-schooler
b) needing a tidy house with no-one in it most weekends for over a year
c) living in a flat with no spare rooms
really weren't compatible with a social life :-(

Hopefully start seeing people again and showing off lovely new house in 2016...

It's been a hideously expensive few years, but it's finally beginning to pay off.

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