You know, I'm fairly sure that they do.

Overheard a conversation yesterday where a man was going on about an idiot friend of his. Said friend apprently had a cunning plan to make money -  fly between countries and smuggle drugs. "They never check for that kind of thing".

It's a miracle!

Just filled in my tax return, and the basic PAYE stuff is already prefilled with the information from the P60 and P11D files that my employer had sent the tax man months ago!

How did it take this long?

Frantic trip to the co-op

- So Faye: what are you most looking forward to tomorrow?
- an orange. Santa always puts an orange in my stocking
- <Ah. So sweet. So innocent... Hang on a second...>
 - Jacki! I'm just popping out to the co-op for something...

Where are all the cool kids hanging out these days?

Well poop! G+ is shutting down :-(

- LJ had even fewer of my chums posting than G+
- I'm not touching facebook with a bargepole
- Tweets are too short to be interesting 99% of the time, or allow for nuance 99.999% of the time.
- LinkedIn isn't really a great place to be posting amusing stories about my children, or status updates on the house

Anyone on Dreamwidth? Diaspora? Or should I just investigate this "Phone" app thing I've seen in the stock android image?

One last flickering hope

There's still a slim hope. The referendum wasn't legally binding: the House of Commons still need to vote to exit the EU.

Please write to your MP (e.g. with ), especially if
a) your area voted to remain (use to find out), in which case your could argue that your MP should prioritise the views of their constituents, over the views of the country and/or
b) your MP is pro-EU (use to find out) in which case they might be persuaded to vote with their conscience.

All these unwanted Windows 10 installations...

Our two reamining windows 7 hold out machines have nothing except a little notification in the system tray. There's never been any nag screens while presenting weather on TV, or forced installations while livestreaming a computer game over the internet (although to be fair, there been no weather presenting or livestreaming at all).

Have I somehow gained the respect of Microsoft itself or... no. Please no. Please tell me that people aren't still regularly using admin user accounts on windows?

The last few years' work is finally coming together

Did have a long post detailing our travails over the last 3 years, but livejournal just ate it.

So tl;dr we've finally bought a house (in Horsham with lovely garden, good schools nearby) after selling our house in Epping (poor garden, awful secondary schools nearby) a few months ago. Need to replace bathroom and kitchen before we move in, so we're still going to be in the flat we've been renting for the last year (due to primary-school related reasons) until at least Christmas.

Sorry for being rubbish and not seeing virtually any of you for almost 3 years, but various combinations of
a) baby/toddler/almost pre-schooler
b) needing a tidy house with no-one in it most weekends for over a year
c) living in a flat with no spare rooms
really weren't compatible with a social life :-(

Hopefully start seeing people again and showing off lovely new house in 2016...

It's been a hideously expensive few years, but it's finally beginning to pay off.

Frank: dunno what I expected but it wasn't this

Watched Frank on the way to work last week. I don't know much about Frank Sidebottom other than bugshaw used to like him, and the album of his I copied for her a couple of decades ago didn't appeal to my 19-year-old taste. But he was a comedian as well as a musician, so I expected Frank to be amusing: probably in a wacky, "look at his silly head mask" taking the mick out of the 90's sort of way.

Instead I got a mildly depressing story that can be roughly summed up as "trying to use mentally ill people's coping strategies to achieve commercial success is unlikely to end well".

Merry Christmas everybody!

Sorry we've been crap with Christmas cards this year, but moving house/flat kind of ate our time. We'll send out our new address in a couple of days when they're less likely to be lost in a deluge of happy Christmas posts like this :-)